Window Repairs

  • My Window Won’t Stay Up
  • A long metal piece has fallen off of my window
  • I can’t lift my window to open it
  • My window is broken and doesn’t move up and down
  • My window is stuck open
  • My window is too hard to operate
  • My window is crooked or lopsided

These are some of the descriptions we’ve heard to describe what happens when a window balance becomes defective, breaks or becomes detached. If your window moves/opens up and down (single or double hung), then it has a pair of balances or weights to hold it up. It could be made out of vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum and made from the 1950s to current day.  We can perform window balance repair and replacement for these and more.

What does a balance do? As you lift the window, the balance helps you push the window up, reducing the amount of weight you feel and the amount of strength required to open the window.

Then when you pull the window down again, the balance helps you close the window while at the same time helping ensure it doesn’t slam down too fast, potentially trapping your fingers. The sash becomes balanced. Not too heavy or too light. Sometimes sashes are hard to open and just need cleaning. If they are still hard to move, applying wax or a silicone spray may do the trick. We don’t recommend oil based lubricants. You may need window balance replacement if you find these methods don’t work for you.