Replacing Glass VS Replacing Windows

If you have double or triple-pane windows and have spotted condensation or fog in between the panes, you have broken seals. Multi-pane windows have a seal around the edges to ensure the humidity stays out. When the seal is compromised, your windows will start to fog up on the inside between the panes. In some cases, water may even start to accumulate inside.

We offer you an affordable and timely solution. Window glass replacement involves taking the broken or fogged glass out of the frame and replacing it with a new one. This option of replacing the glass is the perfect solution if the frame is still new and/or in good condition. The main advantage of replacing just the glass is that it's very cost-effective. You will also be maintaining the same window design and the installation time is much shorter.

Only replacing the multi-glass unit will provide you with less stress and disruption. The installation process is quicker and you can stay within your budget.